Video Paint

During my residency at the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse, I was responding to the data that shows children experience the creative crisis of realism much earlier due to screen-based consumption at a very young age. Adults too can most likely identify with the idea that TVs, tablets and computers are becoming a more efficient means to accessing fantasy than the imagination itself. I further developed my technique of coating broken HD TVs with green screen paint, evoking the culture of posting on YouTube. Into the one broken TV coated with green screen paint I superimposed, using a phone camera connected to a computer program, another camera’s shot of a piece of paper being drawn on. This superimposing was made visible on the second, functioning TV. The resulting feedback loop (as though bringing the dead TV back to life) aimed to entice participants to simply draw. Using such drawings I also performed narratives, which included damaging the screen further, then sticking things into these punctures and finally editing the drawings to dialogue with the physical contents on top of the green screen paint’s surface..