As an artist-educator I am critically engaged with creative thinking from the perspectives of self-expression, otherness and community.

MFA: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Rep.
– Studio of Intermedial Confrontation
– Thesis: “Art is Feminism”

BA: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep.
– French Language and Literature
– Thesis on the novels of Maryse Condé

BFA: Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University, Opava, Czech Rep.
– Theses: documentary co-created with grandfather entitled “Grandpa Dada”

Oh, it is easy to be clever if one does not know all these questions (w/Vojtěch Novák): DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Rep.
Overpressure (w/Vojtěch Novák): Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Rep.
Oh, it is easy to be clever if one does not know all these questions (w/Vojtěch Novák): Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK
-In Practice: Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

-VOLUMES Independent Art Publishing Fair: Helmhaus, Zürich, Switzerland

-Night Vision in Broad Daylight: Observations in Contemporary Czech Video: 4+4 Days in Motion, Prague

-RaumSprachen 2: Freies Theater, Innsbruck, Austria
-Raw Food: Gallery NoD, Prague, Czech Rep.

-Hauner, Karpukhina & Richter Cook from Scratch: Scholastika, Prague, Czech Rep.
-Au-delà du mur: Galerie 35, Institut français de Prague, Prague

-DOKTOR – In the Mekka of EVIL!: Akcent Festival, Archa Theatre, Prague
-Basen: Trochę inny festiwal fotografii, Wrocław, Poland
-Au-delà du mur: MeetFactory, Prague
-Unigeo Hits!: Off Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
-“I”: Self-portraits by Students from the Institute of Creative Photography: Kunsthalle, Opava, Czech Rep.
-Family: Silesian Museum, Opava, Czech Rep.
-I, You, We: Galeria FF, Łódź, Poland

-New York – September 11th, 2001: Old Synagogue, Pilsen, Czech Rep.

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Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY
Artist-in-Residence 9/2018–12/2018

John the Baptist Community Garden, Brooklyn, NY
In-House Community Arts Educator & Community Organizer 8/2014–present

New York Public Library’s Wertheim Study, New York, NY
Scholar-in-Residence 2/2016–11/2017

ajh [at] andrewjanhauner [dot] com.